The directors of the Owen Sound Agricultural Society wish to extend the service of the Society by asking the members to co-operate, and send in entries in advance, thereby making it possible for the Directors to prepare an Official Program and make better provision for the different classes.


1. Admission to the grounds in NON-REFUNDABLE.  No exceptions. 

2. The Directors will take every precaution possible, under the circumstances, to insure the  safety of articles sent to exhibition, the owners must take upon themselves the whole risk, and should any article be injured, lost or stolen, while the Directors will give every assistance in their power for the restoration thereof, they will not make any payment for the value thereof, or for the injury or loss, and further the Society will not be responsible for any being injured in any way on the grounds.

3. The Directorate, or a Committee appointed by them shall have power to examine upon oath, any member of the Society against whom a protest has been entered, and if same is found guilty of fraud in connection therewith, he shall forfeit the right of membership, as well as any prizes that may have been awarded him, and his name shall be published in the public press.

4. It is absolutely necessary that no articles on exhibition be touched by visitors, as the Directors wish to deliver their specimens to their respective owners in the best possible condition.

5. Exhibitors MUST be associate members of the Society.

6. Associate membership tickets are available for $10.00

7. All entries in all classes must be submitted on entry forms and given to the secretary. Prizes cannot be awarded unless entry forms are fully completed and submitted.

8. Each exhibitor will be permitted to make up to two entries in any three classes, and in remainder of classes they will be limited to one entry in Livestock, unless otherwise stated in Prize List.

9. The exhibitors are particularly requested to have articles entered for competition in their classes properly marked and described, so as to correspond with the Prize List, in order that no mistake may be made in their arrangement.

10. No person will be allowed to interfere with the Judge while in discharge of their duties. Should an exhibitor interfere, he will forfeit all claim of any premium or award to which he might otherwise be entitled.

11. Should there be only one exhibitor in any class, or section of a class, the judge, in making awards are to use their own discretion as to awarding a premium and in all cases they must refrain from making any award where they do not think the animals or articles are worthy.

12. Should any fraud, deception or dishonest practice on the part of any exhibitor, or his agent, be discovered, the Board of Directors may withhold any prize awarded and may prohibit any exhibitor from exhibiting for such time as they determine and may publish the names of such exhibitors if they deem it proper to do so.

13. The Association reserves the right to amend, take from, or add to these rules as in their Judgement may be deemed best for the interest of the Society, and in case of any dispute the Directors' ruling must be adhered to.

14. Not more than one entry can be made by any one exhibitor in any one class in the Homecraft sections unless specified in the Prize List.

15. Roots, garden products and fruits must have been grown during the present year by the exhibitor. All articles entered for exhibition shall comprise neither more or less than the number, nor less than the quantities named in the Prize List as to be shown and there must be no names, letters or marks on any bag or vessel containing articles entered for exhibition by which the ownership thereof can be ascertained.

16. Culinary Arts and Homecraft Work must have been made during the present year by the exhibitor.  Factory made articles will not be allowed to compete in the class of domestic manufactures.

17. Any exhibitor who is dissatisfied with the Judge's awards may make written protest at the secretary's office by depositing a fee of $2.00 with each protest, and if sustained the $2.00 deposit will be returned to the Exhibitor; if the protest is not sustained, the exhibitor loses his deposit

18. Each animal brought to the show grounds must be provided with means of secure fastening and must be placed on the grounds where directed.   Parties not providing proper fastening will be refused admission and animals found loose on the grounds will be impounded.  All bulls - 12 months and older must be handled with a humbug or nose ring in addition to a secure rope halter.  Space for crates will be available outside as NO CRATES will be allowed inside the barn.

19. No animal or article will be admitted to compete which does not have an entry tag previously obtained from the Secretary to attach to it.  No photocopies allowed.

20. Cows and ewes must have born young during the present year and cows must be giving milk at the time of exhibition, or in calf.

21. In the case of purebred stock, all breeds must be registered in their respective Herd Books & Certificates of Registration available to Directors.  This rule will be strictly enforced.

22. Stock shown must be the Bona Fide property of the exhibitor before the show day, and every animal must be shown in the class to which it belongs, and in that one only, except as to specials.


24. Barn accommodation will be allotted as livestock comes in.  NO RESERVED STALLS.

25. Straw will no longer be provided by the Owen Sound Agricultural Society.

26. Livestock exhibitors whom are showing on (2) separate days may inquire, at the Fair Office, for reimbursement upon registering for 2nd show.

27. Exhibitors will be required to remove any animal found to have ringworm. We strongly recommend that all animals be inspected by the exhibitor and if unsure of the animals condition, obtain veterinarian approval before transporting the animal to the fair.

28. Each livestock exhibitor will be issued a card with exhibitor number on it and required to have it VISIBLE in show ring for accurate results.

29. All calves will be exhibited either on its own or with its mother, but may not be shown in both classes. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

30. Produce and manufactures of all kinds must be delivered to the person having charge of Coliseum and Grandstand Building or place in their respective classes under their direction.

31. Amounts and terms for space for the exhibit of manufactures, etc., can be obtained from   the secretary.


32. In case of bad or unfavourable weather, or other reasons causing the receipts to fall short of paying the expenses, and all prizes in full, after paying the expenses, a proportionate amount, exclusive of membership will be deducted from such prizes to enable the Directors to balance the accounts without loss.  The Directors feel that this course is the most equitable and fair one that can be adopted, as any deduction will fall proportionately on all those participating in the amounts collected and not leave the whole sum to be debt to bear heavily on the Society and thus impair its usefulness.

33. The Directors will pay to prize-winners of the amounts of $10.00 or over, the amount of their premium, less $10.00 retained for membership fee, if minimum of $10.00 prize money has been earned.  Provided, however that should there not be sufficient funds for payment of premiums in full, the percentage will be paid which in the opinion of the       Directorate, the funds will allow.


34. All these rules will be strictly enforced.





ENTRY TAGS May be picked up at the Fair Office

on Monday, September 5th Between 10 am - 2:00 pm


*All Homecraft Exhibits MUST be picked up on Sunday, September 11thor items will be discarded at the discretion of the Owen Sound Agricultural Society, unless prior arrangements have been made*